From Back Log To Ready For Work


I’ve been thinking a lot about the backlog grooming and design process in Agile approaches like Scrum.

Something occurred to me recently: what I really want during this phase is true driving out of assumptions. I want to discuss and record implementation plans and discuss how we’re going to accomplish a given user story so that when we do estimation, it’s realistic.

A big part of that is the intermediate products, or project assets as I call them in the diagram – mockups, use cases, workflow (and other) diagrams, and prototypes. Proof of concept at various levels coupled with documenting the how of what we’ll do in the next sprint.

This diagram hopes to put this process, as I see it, into focus more directly than I think I could do through prose.

This is a mini-experiment of sorts – how much can I convey in a diagram without a lot of verbiage to accompany it?

As such, thoughts and comments are welcome.

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1 Response to From Back Log To Ready For Work

  1. Rodney Mkhabela says:

    I like the framework so to speak and I assume the next phases after Iterations are Deployment and Sustaining the Change. I am a Change Manager by profession and I am in the process of aligning the Change Management Journey with the Agile delivery approach. Do you have further insights (material) to share?

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