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Raspberry Pi Build Environment In No Time At All

Leveraging PRoot and qemu, it’s easy to configure Raspberry Pi’s, build and install packages, without the need to do so on physical hardware. It’s especially nice if you have to work with many disk images at once, create specialized distributions, reset … Continue reading

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Advanced Boot Scripting

As covered in previous posts, boot is an all-around useful tool for building clojure applications, but one feature in particular has proven a adjuncti finalum*: boot lets you do clojure scripting. This elevates clojure to the same high productivity of … Continue reading

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DevOps Is Bullshit: Why One Programmer Doesn’t Do It Anymore

The story of one programmer’s journey into, and vehement rejection of, this thing we call “DevOps” – lessons learned, sound advice and why you’re probably doing it all wrong. Continue reading

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Clojure + Boot Backend For The React.js Tutorial

Last weekend I worked my way through the introductory tutorial for React.js. It’s very well written and easy to follow, I was really happy with it overall. For the uninitiated, React.js is a framework that provides a means to create reusable … Continue reading

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Boot: Getting Started With Clojure In < 10 Minutes

With the power of boot, it’s possible to go from “never used java before” to budding Clojure-ist cranking out jars like a pickle factory in record time. This post walks you through the process, and provides some post-‘hello world’ examples, … Continue reading

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Centralized Ansible Management With Knockd + Auto-provisioning with AWS

Ansible is a great tool. We’ve been using it at my job with a fair amount of success. When it was chosen, we didn’t have a requirement for supporting Auto scaling groups in AWS. This offers a unique problem – … Continue reading

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Building A DNS Sandbox

I’m developing some automation around DNS. Its imperative that I don’t break anything that might impact any users. This post documents the process I went through to build a DNS sandbox, and serves as a crash-course in DNS, which is, … Continue reading

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