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Advanced Boot Scripting

As covered in previous posts, boot is an all-around useful tool for building clojure applications, but one feature in particular has proven a adjuncti finalum*: boot lets you do clojure scripting. This elevates clojure to the same high productivity of … Continue reading

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Centralized Ansible Management With Knockd + Auto-provisioning with AWS

Ansible is a great tool. We’ve been using it at my job with a fair amount of success. When it was chosen, we didn’t have a requirement for supporting Auto scaling groups in AWS. This offers a unique problem – … Continue reading

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Building A DNS Sandbox

I’m developing some automation around DNS. Its imperative that I don’t break anything that might impact any users. This post documents the process I went through to build a DNS sandbox, and serves as a crash-course in DNS, which is, … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be a “python shop”?

Python developers: Do you call your team or business a “python shop”? If so, what do you mean? If not, why not?

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StringList – Is It A String? Is It A List? Depends On How You Use It!

At my job, I had an API problem: I had a object property that could contain one or more strings. I assumed it would be a list, some of my users felt that [‘value’,] was harder to write than ‘value’. … Continue reading

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From Back Log To Ready For Work

I’ve been thinking a lot about the backlog grooming and design process in Agile approaches like Scrum. Something occurred to me recently: what I really want during this phase is true driving out of assumptions. I want to discuss and … Continue reading

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The Johnson Pyramid Of Programmer Greatness.

I’m a big fan of an NBC sitcom called “Parks and Recreation“. I’ve had this as my desktop background at home for a few months. It has inspired me to try my hand at using the concept to inspire my … Continue reading

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